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The current status of the series will be placed under the title. If you can't click on the title, I haven't uploaded any chapters yet.

Spider Specter

The All Knowing Eye

Action, Adventure, Dark-Fantasy
Coming Soon!
Spider Specter The All Knowing Eye Cover
There's a mysterious group kidnapping the local townspeople. Can Ashwa and The Third Spider Specter put a stop to the disappearances, or will they end up like all the others?

World of Saron

The Peaceful War

Action, Adventure, Dark-Fantasy
World of Saron Cover
The world of Saron (Sair-ron) has those 'born of the categories' meaning they were born with one of the five categories: Elemental, Mental, Physical, Mythical, and Mystical. In the middle of a war between nations of the entire world and the empire of the Halimaw, the nations banded together as one unified nation under the rule of the Xero, a family of elementals that can mold and move the elements at will. There is a catch to their status, the king and his heir must fight in this war as well.

Dagaz's Journey

Action, Adventure, Dark-Fantasy
Dagaz's Journey Cover
A twin sets out on a journey of self rediscovery when he is abruptly awoken by his father. During his time asleep, Dagaz had his memories sealed away as he led another life as an assassin for years. Now he must come to terms with who he was when his memories were locked away and who he must be now that his memories have returned...

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